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First Gameplay Video of Age of Wonders 3!

During the GDC /Games developers Conference) the AoW3-Devs showed a first playable Demo (Pre-Alpha) of Age of Wonders 3 to selected press people and Notch himself.
Watch the Video here by clicking on continue reading or on the news-title to get to the full-view of this news article.

How do you ike the gameplay scenes in the video? I especially like the look and feel of the hero inventory window and the genereal presentation of the User Interface. The new spell book looks great too!
You can really see the love and depth of detail that goes in this prestige title of Triumph Studios. Seems like the devs are doing a damn good job here!
What do you mean? Post your thoughts in the comments!


This article is not yet translated into english. Please be patient and check back soon!

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